A certain level of anxiety is normal, it protects us from threats. When anxiety goes deeper, it stops us from living fully. It might be connected with childhood experiences, self-worth or difficulties in relationships, or it might just have been part of you for too long. I will explore what your anxiety is like for you, in your inner world and open up the possibility of change.

Is there more anxiety now than ever? There are good reasons to worry about the state of the world and there is a greater awareness about general and social anxiety. You may be anxious because your internet use is giving you ‘digital overwhelm’. If you are already critical of yourself, constant news of other people’s successes can make it worse. But it can also be a source of support. One thing I’ve found is that clients experience some relief from anxiety when they reduce their contacts and limit the time they spend online. I work with clients when they are anxious about what others think of them and fear they are missing out.

Some anxiety is self-imposed. Do you feel anxious if you don’t come up to the standards you set, or if you have not achieved the goals you expected? Perhaps you feel like an impostor and you will be found out. All these things can cause anxiety, tension, pressure and constant worry.